Losing your keys, or being locked out, can be a frightening realization. Imagine going out to your car and realizing that you have mislaid your keys. Now imagine that it is the middle of the night. Emergency locksmiths are only a phone call away and can help you gain entry into your home, car, place of business or just about any other place you find yourself locked out of.

Do Not Just Leave Your Car
Cars that are left unattended are far more likely to be stolen or broken into. A business may even have a car towed away if just left over-night. You may not have lost your keys, someone may have actually stolen them and be waiting for you to leave your car.
GL Locksmith provides locksmith services for you to get back into your car and get home. A simple call and we send out a professional to examine your lock and make a key.

Locked out Could Get You Locked Up
Getting locked out of your home or business is embarrassing. You may be tempted to try to find an alternate way in. Before you do that, you better be ready for the worst. Even breaking into your own home is a suspicious activity. A concerned passer-by may contact the police and report suspicious behavior. This makes an embarrassing situation even worse. Do not risk this sort of misunderstanding. We are able to get you into your home, replace keys and even make a duplicate to make sure you have a spare.

What Sets Us Apart?
GL Locksmith is professional and responds quickly.
Emergencies do not happen when time is convenient. We understand the problems that can occur when you are locked out and respond as though you are a member of our own family, not just a customer. Our attention to our customer is only matched by our attention to detail. We know how important it is to get the job done with the highest level of quality. We have the tools and talent to handle virtually any lockout situation.

Being locked out is no laughing matter. There is a real risk when you find yourself locked out of your home, office or auto. A quick phone call to us, at Golden Locksmith, and we are on our way to get you out of a jam. Why trust your safety, the safety of your family or your property to anyone else? 

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Residential Lock-out

GL Locksmith helping the residents of Orange County with their security needs every day, 

One of the most common services is for 

home lock outs

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Commercial Lockout

It's not just you! Don't be embarrassed, getting locked out of the office happens to everyone, even the President!

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Car Lockout

We know just how horrible it can feel to be locked out of your home, being locked out of your auto is even worse. 

Call us and we will be there in 15 minutes!

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